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Every Company process payroll for its employees; as a company grows manual processing becomes difficult. We should design the software which can meet all the requirements of the user; there is no need of manual entries, automatic generation of reports and capable of easy customization. So, Techpro Systems has designed its Techpro Systems Payroll Software to meet up the requirements of user. Techpro Systems Payroll Software is fully expertise in managing all the systems like Human Resource Management system, Employee Payroll Management System, Employee Compliances Management System etc… effectively and efficiently. In Payroll Software, there is a track of every information related to employee compensation or related to wages (bonuses, etc …).

In Techpro Systems HR Xpert Software, there are Leave & bonus management systems, user wise access rights, Automatic salary calculation, Intimation of salary & attendance through SMS, Salary slip over mail.

Introduction of Salary Payroll Software

Payroll system is an integral part of an organization. The Payroll system should take care of calculation of salary as per rules of the Company, statutory compliances like Provident Fund, ESIC, TDS etc. The Salary Payroll system should be able to generate Pay slips, Attendance and Salary summary and other MIS reports.

Payroll is a method of administering employee’s salaries in an organization. The process consists of calculation of employee salaries and miscellaneous deductions, administrating employee benefits and payment of salaries.

margOur Time Attendance Payroll Management System is fully capable of maintaining such tedious tasks with a lot of ease and comfort. Salary Payroll Software helps saves much time.

Needs for Time Attendance Payroll Software

  • Automatic calculation of Attendance, Leaves, Salary etc in Time Attendance software.
  • No need to worry about maintaining records manually.
  • Complete detail of an Employee on single click.
  • No need to worry to calculate Statutory compliance like PF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax etc. in Salary Payroll Software.
  • Ready to file Statutory Returns (PF, ESIC and TDS) on single click.
  • Proper documentation of every employee. No need to look after manual folders and files.
  • Complete details of Company maintaining Salary Payroll Software on single click.
  • Multi-year, Multi-location, Multi-company option.
  • User-level foundation to use software which is NOT possible otherwise.
  • Protection of data from illegal users.

Benefits Of Salary Payroll Software

  • Our salary payroll System has user-friendly interface.
  • You can enter payment information quickly by Marg Salary Payroll Software as compared to a manual system.
  • Computerized payrolls simplify tax processing by computing the data.
  • Our payroll system can integrate with Biometric software’s as well.
  • Computerized payroll eliminates the stress of processing all the records.
  • You can get your old payroll reports when you needed in just a click
  • This time attendance payroll system will track and maintain all the information of salary transfer.
  • Payroll system helps saves much time.

Features of Techpro Systems Payroll Software


In time attendance payroll software, we can maintain attendance in four type:-

  • Attendance Import from Biometric machine
  • Attendance Import from Excel
  • Muster Roll Attendance
  • Manual Attendance


SMS Intimation of Attendance and Salary

In salary payroll software, we have four type of SMS Intimation:-

  • Attendance detail
  • Salary Processed
  • Missing punch
  • Absent marked


Leave Management

Leave Management encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work and supervisors use to grant or deny leave based on organization policies. In organization have many types of Leave:-

  • Casual Leave
  • Earned Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Short leave, etc.


Salary Calculation


In Marg Salary Payroll software, On the basis of attendance we can calculate salary of all employees in an organization, other option regarding salary are :-

  • Salary Summary-monthly
  • Salary Slip
  • Salary Register
  • Salary-Payment Mode Wise
Statutory Compliance


In Marg Salary Payroll software, we calculate all type Statutory compliance:-

  • NSSF
  • P.A.Y.E
  • Income Tax
  • Professional Tax
Over Time calculation


In Marg Time Attendance Payroll software, we can calculate over time of an employee in organizations.

  • Over Time Calculation
  • Over time Report
Send Salary Slip Through Mail


In Marg Salary Payroll software, we can send salary slip through mail to every employee in organization.

Tax Returns


VAT and Income Tax returns means MONTHLY and Quarterly or Annual returns to be submitted to Income-tax department for a particular period.

Bonus Management


Additional compensation given to an employee above his/her normal wage. A bonus can be used as a reward for achieving specific goals set by the company, or for dedication to the company. In Marg Time Attendance Payroll we can maintain Bonus:-

  • Bonus Setup
  • Bonus Payment
  • Bonus Report
Arrear Calculation and Arrear Slip


An arrear is any income that is owed by the Employer due to change in Salary structure of an employee and should have been paid earlier.
In Marg Salary Payroll we can maintain Arrear through:

  • Arrear Entry
  • Arrear Slip
Tax Projection


In Marg Time Attendance Payroll software, we can maintain Tax Projection details of each Employee. This projection is based on both assumed gross salary and actual salary given to employee. All the Income-tax sections have been covered carefully.

Full Settlement of Employee


Full settlement is the process done when an employee quits an organization. It is actually the amount of money an employee receives after all the deductions after leaving the organization. In some cases employee has to pay the organization in an order to get his/her relieving letter.

Full settlement is the process done when an employee quits an organization. It is actually the amount of money an employee receives after all the deductions after leaving the organization. In some cases employee has to pay the organization in an order to get his/her relieving letter.

HRD Modules


Before a person becomes a part of an organization, there are certain procedure that need to be followed. And even after joining an organization,employee goes through several phases. We have included some of those HRD modules in our Marg Salary Payroll software.

  • Application Process,
  • Offer Letter,
  • Appointment Letter,
  • Promotion Letter,
  • Relieving Letter etc.
User Level Access Rights


An access control procedure for computer systems, which allows a system administrator to set up a hierarchy of users. Thus, the low-level users can access only a limited set of information, whereas the highest level users can access the most sensitive data on the system. Also called access rights.

Employee Birthday Notifications


In Techpro Systems Time Attendance Payroll software, we can notify employees birthday. In an organization HR dept. can celebrate employee birthday for motivation.